Qualified Prospects

You need prospects ready to move forward. Franbassador's development experts nurture, qualify & bring candidates to you who are ready to discuss next steps. 

Maximum Exposure

Eye Balls

Prospects specifically request information about YOUR opportunity

Finding a Match


Prospects will only be introduced to you if they meet your criteria & if they're ready to move forward



Franbassador™ Studio provides notice & easy collaboration between you & us helping you focus on the candidate.

Franchise Awarded

Deal Won

Your new owner is off to the races & our Ambassadors are even more determined to get your opportunity known!


Your Sales Pipeline

Studio CRM

Managing your prospects is easy.

Your CRM is perfectly suited for your needs.
We recommend you use it! 

Now, no more  "consultant updates" with candidate progress. Simply drag the deal to the next stage in Franbassador™ Studio to initiate an automatic update to everyone involved.

You'll see prospects in your pipeline long before we introduce them to you so you can plan ahead!

Ambassador Certifications

We understand that brand 'promoters' cannot say just anything about you. 
All ambassadors must comply with FTC regulations at all times and we take great measures to ensure that they do. 


Certification - Safety First

All ambassadors are required to take a course before they gain access to Franbassador™ Studio. 
This ensures they are equipped and trained to abide by Franchise & affiliate FTC regulations before 
entering the arena.


Brand Brief - Full control

You decide what to say and what not to say. 
You decide the target audience & the demographic. 
You decide your Brand Story. 
Your Brand Brief is the HUB of your brand image and it's how we communicate that to the world. 
Make changes & tweaks to your Brand Brief at ANY TIME.

You determine how your brand is discussed the content you want to share. It's up to you!


Social Listening - Broad Oversight

No one can monitor everything that is ever said on the internet. However, high powered social listening tools in Franbassador™ help you monitor what's going on & have a pulse on things.
Sponsored content is unique & will give you the highest visibility into all influencer collaborations.

Every conversation with a prospect is recorded to ensure quality & compliance to brand specifications & FTC regulations.

You have broad oversight with Franbassador™ and can feel at peace knowing we've got your back. 

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What's Your Biggest Problem? Obscurity. 

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We hated paying for leads that were recycled and passed around from brand to brand (aka portal fraud. How is this even legal?). We also hated the inconsistency of consultants, the lack of visibility they inherently bring with them & the fact that you have no idea if there's anyone in their pipelines... Or if being part of their network brings any value - but hey here's another "territory check" ;). 

Are the brokers or consultants any good? Are they even talking about my brand? Maybe a handful of them....

What is the true value of the broker / consultant network outside the quantity of franchises you awarded from their intros? Is there more you're missing out on? Are the hefty commissions you're paying worth taking a 2nd look?

What is the average size of consultant / broker follower base?
 (we did our research).
Why are you paying such enormous commissions to people who've given you such little exposure? 

Is it possible to drastically boost the ratio of exposure of opportunity to a dollar paid? Answer...... Yes!