Bringing Intentionality 

Creative Strategy

Franbassador's campaigns may include hundreds or thousands of influencers.  



Your brand's marketing collateral is shared with ambassadors to get them hyped about your concept and your creative strategy will determine what they share, key words they'll use and if there's any sponsorships you'd like to address.



We will work with you to set up a strong foundation of creative strategy before going live with a campaign. 

This strategy will be determined by where your ideal franchisees are most likely to be and the interests that they follow. 



Ambassadors are then assigned "missions" to complete according to the key strategic initiatives determined in your campaign launch. 


Creator Management

FTC Compliance

FTC regulations over Creators & Influencers are strictly followed. Protocols are in place to ensure compliance & to prevent the wrong information from being discussed or shared. 

Inside your Franbassador Studio you will see a wall of all social posts & content that's been shared or posted about your brand. So you can always keep a finger on the pulse of your brand's social exposure.

  • FTC Compliant Sponsorships & Disclosure
  • Certified Franchise Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors have agreed in writing to abide by FTC rules

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