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​Samuel Bates

11,100 Followers & 500+ Connections

Platforms: LinkedIn

In a previous life I was a business coach and helped numerous people start and grow their businesses. I wholeheartedly believe EVERYONE should own their own business, even if they remain gainfully employed.

Pet Influencer


Platforms: Instagram

An upcoming voice for dogs on instagram, this influencer has a following of passionate dog lovers looking for great brands to partner with.

Entrepreneurial Influencer


Platforms: Instagram

This massive influencer has a following of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss and create something for themselves.

Entrepreneur Youtube Show

613,000 Followers - Average Views: 197,000

Platform: Youtube

This influencer gets massive engagement with an average of 197,000 views per post. 

Money Youtube Show

201,000 Followers - Average Views 4,600

Platforms: YouTube

We are about business, finance, investment and personal growth! 

Startup Youtube Show

754,000 Followers - Average Views 309,000

Platforms: YouTube

This highly engaged YouTube show is hosted by start up coach, investor & engineer. Boasting a massive average of 309,000 views per post.

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