Easily tap into the Creator Economy through Franbassador™

Influencer & Creator Management

Imagine your opportunity being discussed on a podcast with millions of listeners ...without paying upfront. This is the power of Franbassador™! We connect, distribute and manage this relationship to get eyeballs on your opportunity, qualify the lead & send you candidates ready to move forward.



With 126 Million Creators in our system we will match you with creators that fit your unique brand style & following. 



Creators ready to join Franbassador™ are trained & certified to be FTC compliant and can only gain access to Franbassador™ when they're Certified. 


Community Building

We do all the heavy lifting to engage your ambassadors. Whether they're your customers, current franchisees, fans, influencers or even family members, we assign missions, hype them up on your brand, continually train & educate & keep them talking about you! 

Activate Customers as Ambassadors!
(coming Soon)

Your customers are your biggest fans!
Do you have an easy method to convert them into Brand Ambassadors; discussing, sharing & posting about you? 

Franbassador™ will supply you with a quick digital Linq Hub where you can easily recruit, certify & enable your biggest fans to earn commissions discussing how much they love you! 

Turn your biggest fans into content sharing & creating engines! We'll get them hyped up, engaged & driving candidates to your doors! 


Your biggest problem is Obscurity. Franbassador™ obliterates it.

Content Factory

You ever create marketing collateral just to have it go to waste? Franbassador™ is a content factory for your brand. Ambassadors Share YOUR content or create their own utilizing their own effective voice, while simultaneously discussing your opportunity with your brand style.  

  • See all the Social Content created all in one place
  • See what content is hitting the spot
  • Amplify the content that is resonating with your own audience

Content Creation

Our video experts will guide you on how to create simple, effective brand bites that are repackaged for use. 

Almost all content is useful! Pdf's, Ebooks, Videos, interviews, reviews, anything discussing your franchise opportunity. 

Content Packaging

Our team will package raw content so that it is useable, by ambassadors. 

Presentation is half the battle and you'll always be able to approve what content is shared! 

Mass Content Distribution 

Your ambassadors are briefed on all relevant details about your brand. They'll pick and choose where and when to share your content or when they'll build their own. 

Influencers that have 10,000 followers or more can be sponsored to boost engagement with your brand. 

Our technology will determine the Earned Media Value for individual ambassadors and give you the information you need to see a strong ROI on sponsor credits. 


Creator Management

FTC Compliance

FTC regulations over Creators & Influencers are strictly followed. Protocols are in place to ensure compliance & to prevent the wrong information from being discussed or shared. 

Inside your Franbassador Studio you will see a wall of all social posts & content that's been shared or posted about your brand. So you can always keep a finger on the pulse of your brand's social exposure.

  • FTC Compliant Sponsorships & Disclosure
  • Certified Franchise Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors have agreed in writing to abide by FTC rules

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