On Brand Content to On Brand Followers

Content Creation

We are a content factory for your brand. Ambassadors share YOUR content or create their own utilizing their own effective voice while simultaneously discussing your opportunity with your brand style.

Brand Voice

Creators & Influencers gained their following by creating and sharing content that reflects their unique brand voice. They built a loyal audience by being authentic and relatable, developing niche expertise, and consistently producing high-quality content.

By staying true to their brand voice, influencers are able to create a consistent message across all of their social media platforms. This helps them build a strong and recognizable brand identity that resonates with their audience.

Brand Brief

We will build a Brand Brief with you so that your ambassadors know what, when, where & who to post! 

  • Understand your values
  • ​Specify the content format and platform
  • ​Learn about the target audience
  • ​Identify the key highlight points
  • ​Unit economics
  • ​​​Provide guidelines for visual branding

Endless Creativity

  • Diverse perspectives: Brand ambassadors often come from different backgrounds and have unique perspectives that can lead to fresh and innovative content ideas.
  • Creative freedom: Brand ambassadors are given creative freedom to create content in their own unique style, resulting in a wide variety of creative content.
  • Collaboration: Utilizing brand ambassadors can lead to collaboration (aka sponsored posts) between you and the ambassadors, resulting in even more creative ideas and unique content creation.

Your biggest problem is Obscurity. Franbassador™ obliterates it.

Content Factory

Like a personal Willy Wonka  

You ever create marketing collateral just to have it go to waste because paid advertising is so expensive? Franbassador™ is a content factory for your brand. Ambassadors Share YOUR content or create their own utilizing their own effective voice, while simultaneously discussing your opportunity with your brand style.  

  • See all the Social Content ambassadors create all in one place
  • See what content is hitting the spot
  • Amplify the content that is resonating with your own audience

Content Creation

Our video experts will guide you on how to create simple, effective brand bites that are repackaged for use. 

Almost all content is useful! Pdf's, Ebooks, Videos, interviews, reviews, anything discussing your franchise opportunity. 

Content Packaging

Our team will package raw content so that it is useable, by ambassadors. 

Presentation is half the battle and you'll always be able to approve what content is shared! 

Mass Content Distribution 

Your ambassadors are briefed on all relevant details about your brand. They'll pick and choose where and when to share your content or when they'll build their own. 

Influencers that have 10,000 followers or more can be sponsored to boost engagement with your brand. 

Our technology will determine the Earned Media Value for individual ambassadors and give you the information you need to see a strong ROI on sponsor credits. 

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