Are you a
Consultant or Closer?

Franbassador® enables Consultants & Brokers to create more content, close more deals & make more money.

Talk about Brands You Love

  • Franchise Consultants
  • ​Franchise Brokers
  • ​Franchise Influencers
  • ​Franchise Experts 
  • Customers
  • Creators
  • Affiliates

Talk about brands you Love. Get paid for leads that close.

​*You generate interest, share your Franbassador® link, brand content and talk about brands you love.
We do all the follow up, qualifying, nurturing and hand offs.

​Get Paid $10,000+ for every deal.

Close More Deals

  • ​Closers
  • Franchise Brands 
  • ​Franchise Sales Organizations
  • ​Franchise Development Companies
  • ​Franchise Sales Experts 
  • ​Business Development Companies 
  • People that take the lead to closing

Bring brands to us and we'll bring leads to YOU!

​*We generate leads for you and send you a qualified candidate that you close on behalf of the brand.

Get paid whatever you have worked out with
the brands you currently work with.

Lead Generation, Allocation & Qualification Modernized

Whether you're boosting lead flow to close more deals or you simply love talking about franchising (And getting paid to do it) Franbassador® is the answer.