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Promote Franbassador®

Joining Franbassador® as an affiliate for Franbassador is different than becoming a Franchise Ambassador. 
Becoming an affiliate for Franbassador means you're promoting the use of the Franbassador platform to other Franchise brands that need candidates!
Earn $400 for every brand you bring our way! It's easy! 

  • It's Free: Join for free. It takes a few minutes to join and then simply share your link with brands you work with!
  • Marketing Assets Provided: A small library of marketing assets are available to get the word out & share with your clients.
  • Portal: Instant access to your affiliate portal, tracking link, performance analytics, assets & conversion metrics

Our Mission

"Revolutionize modern Franchise Development, through genuine collaborations from influencers and ambassadors with growing Franchise brands in an easy, unique & intuitive way."


  • How much is the commission? Get paid $400 for every conversion. 
  • ​How do I sign up? Signing up takes 3 minutes & approval for the program takes about 1 business day.
  • ​ How is this different than being an ambassador? Joining Franbassador as an "AMBASSADOR" costs $128 and 28/month for 12 months. Payouts for being an Ambassador start at $10,000, requires some training and you're promoting Franchise Brands' Franchise Opportunities. 
    Being an affiliate for Franbassador means you're promoting the use of the Franbassador platform by the brands themselves. 
  • ​Can I be an affiliate for Franbassador AND be an Ambassador? Yes! As long as your audience or personal brand style doesn't conflict with Franbassador values or those of our portfolio brands. To sign up as an Ambassador visit the home page. 
  • ​How does payment work? When a conversion takes place (When a brand uses your link to sign up for Franbassador) you'll be instantly notified that a conversion has occurred and payment is pending. It will take 7-10 days for payment to be approved and sent to you via ACH. 

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