A Franbassador Success Story

Friday, May 17, 2024

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A Franbassador Success Story

Franbassador is breaking the mold. It's true.

What most don't know is that we initially built Franbassador to grow our own brand!
That's right! I'm a franchisor myself.

I built a window cleaning concept called Worried Bird Window Washing.

I got real tired of fake portal leads, no visibility from the broker groups and I was constantly embarrassed by seeing mediocre franchise consultants talk about my brand on their channels as they tried to build interest.

Sure some of them are decent at it but most are not.

Did you know that most consultants have other full time jobs?

While there are exceptions, franchise consultants are NOT the best creators.

After launching Franbassador in January 2023 we watched the following unfold:
- 35 ambassadors signed up within a few weeks (with no significant recruiting efforts)
- Ambassadors with small audiences AND large audiences
- Our content started getting shared out (without us paying for it)
- Nearly 100 Leads converted in a single month! (Leads we didn't have to pay for!)
- Conversations with franchise candidates began!
- 3 months later we decided to take a step back, rebuild Franbassador, create an app & relaunch to serve other brands too.

We relaunched in February of this year. While we can't guarantee the same results, we HAVE seen what happens when you enable others with the tools to talk about you.
We want to do it for you too.

Now with 10 brands currently in onboarding & 23 more joining us many more success stories are on their way.

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HI, I am Cameron Carson

Founder of Franbassador® 

Passionate about revolutionizing modern Franchise Development, I am the founder of Franbassador, an innovative marketplace & platform that connects influencers and content creators with growing Franchise brands in an easy & unique way.

With a focus on making powerful connections, Franbassador combines the power of influencer marketing with intuitive design & candidate nurturing to facilitate successful collaborations for hyper awareness of franchise opportunities.

As an impassioned entrepreneur, my commitment lies in empowering influencers to monetize their channels and aiding franchise brands in elevating their brand awareness through meaningful influencer marketing.

Come & Join me on this thrilling journey as we revolutionize the interaction & collaboration between influencers & franchise brands.

​Thanks for being here!