Data, Data, Data!

Analytics & Reporting

See & update your leads in our platform for instant notification to your ambassadors. No back & forth!
View your ambassador content factory live, reuse effective content and see ambassador effectiveness.


The Franbassador™ Platform provides simple tracking of all candidates in your pipeline. 
Automatically notifying every ambassador the status of each candidate so you don't have to send updates manually or spend time involving Ambassadors.

Sponsoring an Ambassador is a great way to boost engagement and get ambassadors engaged and talking. It isn't NOT required but can go a long way to boost interest in your brand and get them sharing. 

​Paid collaborations can be initiated in the Franbassador Marketplace.


A little about Earned Media Value:

  • Make data driven decisions about your campaigns (coming soon)
  • Get reports on Earned Media Value (coming soon)
  • Reports on Impressions, Conversions & Sponsored Post ROI (coming soon)

Earned Media Value (EMV) is a metric used to measure the value of the publicity or exposure a brand or company receives from earned media, such as press coverage, social media mentions, and influencer marketing.

EMV assigns a dollar value to the visibility and engagement that a brand or company receives from earned media. It calculates the equivalent amount of advertising spend that would be required to achieve the same level of exposure through paid media channels.

As a business or marketer, you should care about EMV because it provides a quantifiable way to measure the impact of your earned media efforts. It allows you to compare the value of your earned media against your paid media campaigns and determine the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts.

By tracking your EMV, you can also identify the most effective channels and tactics for generating earned media exposure and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, EMV can be used to demonstrate the value of your earned media efforts to stakeholders and justify your marketing budget allocation.

Sponsoring Ambassadors

Franbassador™ makes it easy to pick & choose who to sponsor and when!

  • Access a targeted audience: By sponsoring an influencer who aligns with your brand's values and target audience, you can reach a wider audience and potentially generate more leads.
  • ​Increased credibility: Influencers have built their reputation on their authenticity and expertise in a particular niche. By partnering with an influencer, you can leverage their credibility and expertise to increase your brand's credibility and trustworthiness with their audience.
  • ​Cost-effective: Influencer sponsorships can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods such as TV or radio commercials. Additionally, working with micro-influencers (influencers with smaller but highly engaged followings) can be more affordable and yield better results than working with larger influencers.
  • Increased engagement: Influencer sponsorships can also lead to increased engagement with your brand on social media. Influencers can create sponsored content that is creative and engaging, encouraging their audience to interact with your brand and potentially share your content with their followers.

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