Meet Cameron - Founder of Franbassador.

"I'm passionate about revolutionizing modern Franchise Development, I am the founder of Franbassador, an innovative marketplace & platform that connects influencers and content creators with growing Franchise brands in an easy & unique way.

With a focus on making powerful connections, Franbassador combines the power of influencer marketing with intuitive design & candidate nurturing to facilitate successful collaborations for hyper awareness of franchise opportunities.

As an impassioned entrepreneur, my commitment lies in empowering influencers to monetize their channels and aiding franchise brands in elevating their brand awareness through meaningful influencer marketing.

Come & Join me on this thrilling journey as we revolutionize the interaction & collaboration between influencers & franchise brands."

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Meet Dave - IT Manager

Dave is the indispensable IT manager at Franbassador, responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of the app, marketplace, and store that form the backbone of the company's digital presence. With a wealth of experience in IT infrastructure management and a deep understanding of complex systems, Dave is the go-to expert for all things tech-related.

Behind the scenes, Dave works tirelessly to maintain the reliability, security, and performance of Franbassador's digital platforms. From overseeing maintenance and troubleshooting technical issues to implementing  cybersecurity measures, Dave's meticulous attention to detail ensures that the company's digital assets remain protected and operational around the clock.


Meet Dario - Web Developer

Dario is the ingenious web developer behind the captivating landing pages that serve as the digital gateway to Franbassador's diverse array of brands. With a passion for both creativity and functionality, Dario seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with user-friendly design, ensuring that every landing page not only captures attention but also guides visitors towards meaningful engagement.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for staying ahead of the curve in web development trends, Dario crafts landing pages that are not just visually stunning but also optimized for performance across various devices and platforms. His dedication to excellence shines through in every pixel, as he meticulously fine-tunes each element to enhance user experience and drive conversion rates. 

Meet Kegan - Franchise Development Manager

Kegan is the adept Franchise Development Manager at Franbassador, tasked with identifying and vetting prospective franchisees to join the brand's in our network. Leveraging his extensive experience in sales and business development, Kegan meticulously assesses each candidate's suitability, ensuring alignment with the brand's values and growth objectives.

Through thorough evaluation and personalized guidance, Kegan facilitates seamless transitions for qualified prospects, setting the stage for successful franchise partnerships. His commitment to fostering lasting relationships and driving mutual success makes him an indispensable asset to Franbassador's growth and reputation in the franchising industry.


Meet Adam Valdez - Brand Success Manager 

Adam Valdez brings over 28 years of invaluable expertise in franchising to his role as Brand Success Manager with Franbassador. With a career marked by witnessing the transformative power of franchising firsthand, Adam has guided numerous renowned brands to exponential growth, including Five Guys, Anytime Fitness, Ace Handyman, and Molly Maid.

Specializing in the home services sector, he excels in identifying unique selling propositions and facilitating rapid yet sustainable expansion while preserving brand integrity. Adam's passion for fostering affordable pathways to business ownership and his no-nonsense approach make him a trusted advisor in the franchising landscape, where he continues to forge lasting partnerships and drive success for franchise brands and entrepreneurs alike.

Tiffany - Brand Integration Manager 

Tiffany is a seasoned professional with a decade of diverse experience spanning customer service, logistics, and executive assistance. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to exceptional service, she has honed her skills in managing complex logistical operations while maintaining a customer-centric approach. Tiffany's background as an executive assistant has equipped her with strong organizational abilities and adeptness in handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Her track record reflects a commitment to efficiency and excellence, making her a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Now Hiring - Brand Success Manager 

Franbassador is seeking a dynamic and results-driven individual to join our team as a Brand Success Manager. In this role, you will be responsible for fostering relationships with franchise brands, overseeing the Franbassador Studio app and platform, and ensuring the success of our brands in our network. Additionally, you will oversee the Franchise Development Manager, who is responsible for the nurturing & development systems for candidates being brought to the brands in your portfolio.


Now Hiring - Ambassador Success Manager 

As an Ambassador Success Manager at Franbassador, you will be the driving force behind the onboarding, training, certification, and overall success of influencers and affiliates on our platform. This role requires a strategic thinker with excellent communication skills and a passion for helping influencers achieve their goals.

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