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Influencer Marketing

For Growing Franchise Brands

Franbassador® activates customers, fans, creators, influencers & affiliate marketers to drive hyper awareness of Franchise Opportunities in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia. Get listed, grab your link & get creating!

Influencer Marketing

For Growing Franchise Brands

Franbassador® activates customers, fans, creators, influencers & affiliates as Brand Ambassadors to drive hyper awareness of Franchise Opportunities in the USA.





Franbassador recruits influencers, creators, affiliate marketers of all sizes to spread Hyper-Awareness of brand franchise opportunities, then qualifies the lead and sends you prospects ready to move forward. 

  • Annihilate Obscurity: Flat rate payouts for a non biased, even, playing field
  • ​​Qualified Prospects: Prospects are qualified to your specs
  • Low Risk: Low subscription fee, reasonable performance commission
  • Recruiting & Pairing: Discovery, onboarding, tracking & reporting 
  • Marketplace: Boost exposure through direct collaborations to influencers

Creators, Affiliates & Ambassadors Win

We give everyone access to high growth franchise expansion! 

  • Paid Up Front Collaborations: Get listed on our Marketplace for short term "Paid Up Front" collaborations (Influencers only)
  • Huge Payouts: Affiliate commissions on sales ranging from $10k-$30k
  • Sub User Commissions: Earn commissions on sales of those you recruit
  • Sponsored Posts: Complete sponsored collaborations 
  • Content Provided: Access a huge library of content already provided by each brand. Share or create your own! 
  • ​365 Day Cookies: Maximize conversion opportunity
  • ​In App Metrics: Register for brands in app, access all affiliate links, performance analytics & conversion metrics & stay up to date on all leads in the pipeline 
  • Recommendation Page: We build you a Recommendations landing page with each brand you promote so you can promote franchising in general & maximize conversion opportunities for prospects to choose any brand they like

*All ambassador/creator users must complete 17 mins of training before gaining access to the Franbassador® Studio; available immediately after subscribing.

Connect with giant audiences tailored to your ideal franchisee demographic.

Influencer Campaigns 

Leverage short term influencer generated promotional content on social media, podcasts & blogs.

Affiliate Marketing

Every subscriber is also an affiliate highly incentivized to spread your opportunity into their preferred ad channels.

Ambassadorship for Nearly Anyone

Franchise professionals, franchisees, family, customers, fans becomes a sales funnel with Franbassador.

Brand Ambassadors

Long term, authentic partnerships with creators can quickly outpace the reach of an entire broker network.

Franbassador for Creators, Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, Franchise Pros, Fans & more...

How does it work?


Grab a Link & Get Sharing

Once completing your 17 mins of training you'll get access to Franbassador® Studio! (Affiliates do not need training)

Engage with the community. Complete missions. Earn rewards, HUGE commissions & live life on your own terms.

  • ​Step 1: Training & Certification (17 mins)
  • ​Step 2: Download the Franbassador® App (we'll send you a link)
  • ​Step 3: Choose your favorite Franchise Brands
  • ​Step 4: Grab your tracking links
  • ​Step 5: Start Creating, Sharing & Spreading the Word

Getting Started

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Step #1

Ambassador Certification

Being a creator in regulated industry means you need some training before starting. It's no big deal and it doesn't take long before you'll be ready to earn the highest affiliate commissions available! 

In this 17 minute course, you will learn:

  • ​Franchising for Busy People - How franchises work, the franchise sales process, franchising changes lives, how to be FTC compliant, how to keep brands coming to you
  • ​Why Brands Need Your Help - Brands are expanding, what makes a hot brand, how much ambassadors impact brands. 
  • ​Creating & Sharing Content -  How to use brand content in YOUR unique brand voice, How to create the right kind of content, how to become a sponsored creator. 
  • And More...
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Step #2

Download the App

After your certification you'll get credentials to log into the Franbassador® App. (Find it in the App Store or use the browser version for Android)

  • ​Access The Brand Brief - We curate loads of content for you to share so you're never wondering what to do, say or post. All content is located here! 
  • Get your A.I.D Link (Tracking Link)Your Affiliate ID or tracking link is how we allocate credit to you. Share content, talk about your favorite brands with your A.I.D on social media channels like Youtube, Podcasts, Instagram & LinkedIn or any where on the web!
  • Franbassador® Portal - See all clicks, conversions & metrics! See what's working, what should be tweaked & how you're performing. 
  • Complete Missions & Get Sponsored* - Complete missions, get sponsored by brands that love your content! Work up to higher & higher commissions. 
  • Engage with the Community, get early access to the next hottest brands & more!
  • Ideas, training & guidance - New to creator marketing? Get hundreds of proven ideas on ways to build a following, get the word out & build your own brand!

*Certain creators that qualify will receive upfront payments for sharing content on their platforms in addition to commissions

Step #3


You focus on creating & building your following using valuable, story telling, content your followers will love. 

We'll focus on the qualifying, selling & closing! We'll keep you in the loop with all status changes with every candidate that comes along.

  • Share Content - Drive awareness
  • Create Content -  Create your own content in your own brand voice
  • Perfect for social media influencers
  • ​​Bloggers
  • ​Creators
  • ​Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • TikTok creators
  • ​Affiliate marketers
  • ​Writers
  • ​Radio personalities
  • Twitter personalities

Lastly, Get Listed (Influencers Only)

Ambassador Marketplace

Got over 10,000 followers? Join the Ambassador Marketplace for upfront paid collaborations from any Franchise Brand in the Network!

  • Set Your Own Prices
  • Define your own parameters
  • Minimal Transaction Fees (Maximum 10%)
  • ​Sell collaborations for your preferred platform
  • Earn Commissions On Sales (Starting at $10,000)

Our Suggested Pricing

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Franbassador® is platform designed to enable creators, influencers, brokers, marketers, affiliates & our brand's customers to be part of something big that changes people's lives!

We embody the very essence of the American Dream into our technology by rewarding the committed & determined individuals, with high standards of excellence, to live life on their own terms.

It's what America is truly about, helping each other.

We're founded by passionate, freedom loving 🇺🇸, franchise sales experts.

Our Core Values drive us forward to the highest levels of excellence.   

Franbassador® Numbers

Our brands paid out over $9,000,000 in commissions in 2023

We partner with HOT and expanding franchise brands. Average sales cycles take 1-3 months.
About 1 in every 25 leads buys a franchise. 
Rest assured knowing we nurture every lead until the end of time or until they opt out.

You'll receive credit at any point as long as you're still an ambassador! The standard Cookie Time is 365 Days.


Proven Outcomes


"Testimonial 1 goes here - get a testimonial from someone you've worked with or helped who can share their thoughts about you, your products/services, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."



"Testimonial 2 goes here - get a testimonial from someone you've worked with or helped who can share their thoughts about you, your products/services, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."



"Testimonial 3 goes here - get a testimonial from someone you've worked with or helped who can share their thoughts about you, your products/services, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."



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